Kindergarten is too late…Start today!

As a parent we must understand that early years are the most critical learning period, and kindergarten is too late to start the learning needs for your child. I am a mother myself and I know that reading habits are very important and need to be developed early. In my view, parents need to look at means of developing their child’s brain at a very early stage - if possible from 6-12 months itself. In many ways, when given the right direction a child begins to understand different languages and experiences at this very early age.

Research on early brain development in children show that by 8 months, a baby’s brain has about 1,000 trillion nerve connections. By the age of 10, that number is reduced to about 500 trillion. As the brain operates on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, early experiences are the defining factor affecting the rate of reduction in nerve connections. A multisensory enrichment develops the entire cortex, whereas, an input from a single task stimulates the growth of only a precise area of the brain. Studies on neglected children, who are deprived of physical & mental stimulation, found that parts of their brain remained underdeveloped and 20-30% smaller than most children their age.

With the kind of power that a child’s brain has, they can start learning many languages during infancy and by six can develop advanced language skills. From birth to four months, babies are ‘universal linguists’ capable of distinguishing each of the 150 sounds that make up all the languages in the world. The power to learn a language is so great in the young child…they can learn as many spoken languages as you can allow them to hear regularly. Around age 3, children start putting words together into simple sentences and by age 6 have experienced a vocabulary explosion of more than 10,000 words!

As an informed parent, you must provide a rich learning environment to your child in these years. The more children are exposed to, the more they learn, and the more they learn, the more open they are to further learning. Providing various different learning opportunities and experiences expands a child’s horizons and results in greater learning success.

To help develop your child’s individuality & self-confidence, a stressful & disciplined routine at a regular day school is not required. Your child needs an ecosystem that nurtures and stimulates his thoughts. Where their ideas and actions are accepted, recognized and their abundant energy is channelized in the right direction.

Children are much smarter than we think and all they need is an environment, which acknowledge and harness their true potential. Children need relaxed surroundings of a play-home most appropriate and suitable environment for your child to learn, explore and grow.

We will be glad to help you answer queries on your child’s development. Connect with us to know more about our services and offerings that will help your child take advantage of his early age.

Mrs. Saloni PatetFounder – ZoolKids

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