Concept based development

Our teaching methodology is based on learning through play, hands on activities and interaction sessions. We at Zool Kids formulates the teaching of concepts, through a variety of hands on experiences and activities which further includes songs and games for children of each age group to explore and learn about the world around them.


Language foundation

As the child starts to understand the stories performed based on the concept of phonetics with actions by our trained faculty members and relate the same to the various sound and letters then all other learning becomes easier. This methodology of teaching facilitates firm foundation in phonological awareness, knowledge between sounds and letters as well as visual memory. Our team of faculty members at Zoolkids performs a wide variety of exciting activities that help kids of each age group to acquire pre-reading and reading skills.

Mathematical Concepts

We here at ZoolKids have designed a wide range of activities to make children understand the practical application of initial number concepts. Our Math’s programs follow the number concepts in a play way method with a wide range of hands-on exploration through activities and craft.


Activity Club

Zoolkids provide opportunities for children to develop coordinated skills in a peaceful and safe environment. All students are allowed to participate in all sorts of activities where they try and practice new skills , body movements, language development sessions in play way and Montessori concept. All these activities put together yield in entertaining exercises which further give practice in hand-eye movement, sequencing counting, children's development and proficiency in reading, writing and number work. The activities along with music and art develop each child’s self esteem and confidence.


Field Trips

Outdoor trips are one of the main events of the curriculum of Zoolkids. Outdoor field trips like visits to the post office.

Fire station, Dentist , Supermarket and Zoo are a few sample of the various field trips for our children according to age and syllabus of the students.

Our curriculum is unique in itself as it results in a natural & integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking.

Also it caters to each child’s social, emotional, and development needs.